30 January 2013

Udjo Angklung, Bandung

see...i don't know you guys remember or not
about my post on craters in Bandung
[i'm saying this as if there is someone reading my blog...haha^^]
but, this post is actually continuity of my Bandung's trip

my grandma a bit kecoh masa pergi Bandung ni
saying that there's Angklung performance here
and the supir was like
"ayoh, ayoh....jom pergi tengok angklung"
[supir is the Indonesian word for driver]
we arrived a bit late..like 10 minutes
but, it was ok...
the entrance fee is 120,000 in Indonesian Rupiah
and if converted to Malaysian Ringgit it is RM38.40
but, it's worth it
it was 2-hours of performances
and they having like 7 different shows
plus, they even teaches you to play angklung^^

the stage's performance
oo..i forgot to mention
it was called Udjo angklung, hehe^^

 just look at all the musical instruments
rasa nak ada each items kat rumah je
eventough tak reti main pun, haha^^

ini host performance tu
cantik kan baju lady tu??
dia pon cantik...and i was like
"mumy, nak baju macam tu, nanti kita cari ye"
and mumy answered
"kau tak ada shape, dia ada, haha"
sabar jelah kalau kene gelak ngan mumy

then, ada persembahan menari
tapi dia tukar-tukar topeng sambil menari
very nice actually
sebab dance step dia more like manly
tapi perempuan yang menari 

then, show dari budak-budak kecil
as young as 4 years old pun ada
at here, they were like some sort of academy 
the man explained that after school,
the children will come to here to learn and practice

the kids from the performance
seronok je tengok budak-budak ni
they were very playful and just enjoying everything

seriously, the big angklungs on left and right 
sangat-sangat cool

then, they gave us..the audiences
one angklung for each one of us
tengok mumy...happy je
she was worried kalau tak dapat angklung because we sat far behind from the stage 

tapi, sambil tu sempat jugak..mumy
"ehh, kau ambiklah gambar aku dengan mamat sebelah ni, ensem kan??"
urghh, mumy ni..sama je
ingatkan aku seorang je cuci mata, haha^^

mamat tu and the gang..haha
actually orang Jakarta
we heard that ramai orang Jakarta akan datang Bandung on weekend
in morning, they will go to shopping
and the evening they will drop by to watch this angklung's performance
tak jauh pon Jakarta to Bandung
roughly two to three hours of driving

if noticed, each angklung that they gave to audiences
have a name like 
"Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Denpasar, Jawa Tengah"
i think the name given based on the seven seas yang ada dekat Indonesia
and each name actually corresponds to the each note of music
the one... C D E F G A B
then, there's someone will teach how to hold and play the angklung
so, for example, if he mention "Kalimantan"
as respond, all the audiences who received angklung with sign of "Kalimantan"
will play their angklung
then, he will keep on going mention each sign of angklungs
until each sound of angklungs unites and become a song
so, just imagine, a crowd of people plays angklung 
it was pretty amazing though
and I think "Kalimantan" sign actually respond to C note

 they even provide translator
to those tourists yang tak understand Indonesian speaking
i did tried that translator when i was in Japan last year
very convenient, hehe^^

the one standing in the middle with black suit
was Udjo's son
couldn't remember his name
sory l_l
and the one playing guitar, drum and one of the angklung is Udjo's grandson
family business
but i like to consider it as more to family traditions

they performed Micheal Jackson's Heal The World
and Gun n Roses too, hehe^^

they gave a small replica of angklung to us
it's actually function to be like ticket's concert
but i love the experience of it
once in lifetime
but i would love to go the performances again
thus, i hang the replica onto my handbag
so that i won't forget the moments

if you guys heading to Bandung, Indonesia
please spend your time to watch this 
it totally worth it
but make sure to come on time of the performance
the performance is not daily-based
you can check on their website
or just ask your tourist guide


Ema Blog said...

belajar tentang budaya di sana..

khairul akmal bin azman said...

boleh la bawak kay sana!

justin lover said...

kak ema : yup2, smbil jln2 smbil blaja

khairul : bisa aje bapak...siapkan aje duitnya, hehe^^