09 February 2013

Butterfly Park, Cameron Highlands..^^

last post was about Bandung, Indonesia's trip
as the end of the year 2012
but...hey, hey...
early this year...2013
we went to Cameron Highlands
me and along with my housemates

it was unintentionally
tak rasa nak ikut pon masa mula-mula housemates ajak
sebab memikirkan kerja
but then, everything jadi messed up
stress, tension, giving up
kene pulak diherdik
it's not like...ermm, maybe aku yang lebih-lebih
but, i am a grown up person
and a lady...still
be a profesional lah bila nak tegur someone else
of course...that's just my opinion
up to you to decide your actions 
and accept the consequences of it

ok, ok...sudahkan merepek itu
enjoy the picts^^

firstly, we kick off to Taman Rama-Rama
to be honest, first time masuk Taman Rama-Rama ni
haha...nama je orang Malaysia
but, as far I can remember
including this trip...i've been to Cameron Highlands for 4 times
first, was with my mom
second, with my mom and my older sister
third, was under matric's programme...something about biology's trip
and this was the fourth time
the entrance's fee is just rm5
but, there's more than just butterfly

the upper pict is grasshopper
and the below pict is frog
i hope you can see it..haha^^
aku sampai bergaduh-gaduh dengan housemates
"eee, apa benda lam cage ni, tak nampak pon, ke benda dalam ni dah lari"
and they was like...
"adalah hazirah, cubalah tengok betul-betul...haha"

escapees of my housemates...haha^^

sadly, bila nak keluar dari this park
ternampak butterfly ni dah mati
padahal masa masuk tadi, baru je ambil gambar dia
if you noticed, ada gambar butterfly ni dekat atas-atas post ni tadi
and they always said
"nothing last forever"

sebelum keluar, haruslah cam-whoring dulu kan??
from left to right : me, fazreen, kak farah and kak kila
enjoy our 10 shoots continuous burst
but, post 5 picts only
nanti macam over pulak, haha^^
{jerawat aku sangat besar...nampak kan stressnya?? haha^^]

later, i'll update this trip some more ye...hehe^^
got work to do
there's a lot to share 
and a lot more to be reminiscence
thank you to my dearly housemates
accepts my late joining to this trip
really appreciate it^^

lately, i like to mock some of my memories of my childhood
i still remember the first time i went to Cameron Highlands
the weather is much cold than nowadays
{global warming i guess}
i still remember my mom will holds my hands
put on my sweater
and walks down the night market
my hair was short like a boy
the best thing is i still remember 
my mom never let go of my hands^^

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